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Matt Brancato stood on his porch admiring the quiet block of homes he owns and rents to Oswego, NY residents

Young families, working professionals, and senior citizens bustled about their daily lives, coming and going, waving, greeting, and chatting as good neighbors do.

This average day-in-the-life scene, in a quaint community Brancato created himself, is the fulfillment of his 22-year dream to match great people with great property.

“Quality folks deserve quality homes,” he said.

And since 1995, M. Brancato Properties has provided top quality apartments, duplexes, and single-family houses to an array of local residents.

“In the real estate business, you hear a lot of negative stories. I didn’t want to be one,” he said.

Brancato, who describes himself as an owner/occupant living alongside his renters, says quality is often under appreciated and over complicated.

“To me, high quality doesn’t have to mean high-end or economically out-of-reach for most people - but it means a clean, safe, comfortable, and affordable home.”

And in addition to physical attributes of the property, he said it also means exceptional customer service.

“Personally, a big part of quality means being honest, up front, accessible, and respectful to the people who keep me in business.”

He said his ideal client is the individual or family who intends to rent long term. This, he acknowledges, requires special attention on his part.

“If we want people to stay with us for a long time, we have to work hard to make it worth their while.”

A portion of his renters consists of working professionals. A dedicated professional himself, he understands this clientele well.

“Most of them prefer a turn-key home,” he said.

Whether routine maintenance, snow removal, lawn care, or other requirements, he said most renters don’t want the hassle of household upkeep.

“That’s why they rent,” he said. “They’re renting a home - but they’re also paying for a service and they expect it to be done right. A lot of realtors miss this point.”

Brancato, on the other hand, emphasizes it by offering a worry-free renting experience, along with a quality home.

“We do it all - snow removal, garbage service, lawn and landscaping, routine and seasonal maintenance, after-hours calls, and so on - it’s a long list and we handle everything for them.”

And beyond excellent homes and five-star service, Brancato offers his clients a relatable agent. A neighbor and friend to many of his renters, and a working professional and family man himself, he understands and shares their values.

“With each property I rent out, it's not just a building - it's where memories are made as people's’ lives unfold,” he said.

As he watched the many lives unfolding busily up and down his street - some coming, others going, and many passing by his house - he smiled and waved from his porch, as any good neighbor would.

“It’s a special place,” he said. “I’m lucky to live here.”

Photo of Apartment for Rent in Oswego, NY.

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